Everyone who creates an entertainment presence in Las Vegas mixes reality and with make-believe. I am no different than others. The blending of reality and make-believe is a Las Vegas show business standard that’s been around since the creation of this neon fun desert.

Yes, I’m an actual person. I’m also a local in Las Vegas. I am a digital artist and a storyteller. I create make-believe characters and tell stories about them.

Look at the image of the digital male character I created and you will get a clear sense of the kind of visual works for which I have been known since 2007. The characters I create have one or more these traits: masculinity, confidence, personality, physicality, vulnerability, and, mystery.

As an openly gay man, I feel it’s essential for me to be very clear and strong as a digital artist and storyteller without holding back. My artistic and narrative focus is on masculine men who are not afraid to show emotions and affections with one another. The foundation I start with for creating male characters is to show respect for masculinity. I’m convinced that it is essential to demonstrate admiration and awe for masculinity if you’re going to take the time to express yourself visually or artistically on the subject of men.

My works demand that the reader or viewer think about what I am showing or revealing as compared to passively looking. I invite the observer to put some mental work into the experience that I create for them.

I work exclusively in the realm of the surreal and the mind. All that I create is intended to be fantasy and should not be misinterpreted as advocating any particular behaviors in the real world. I do creative works on commission that can bring your particular fantasies into focus in a visual presentation for you.

I get asked all the time what does it take to make successful digital illustrations. It’s really three things:

Aesthetic: create visually appealing shapes, colors, lighting, and stage everything in a scene produced within an app

Narrative: conceive of fictional characters who demonstrate behaviors and experiences that will be credible to audiences

Technical: translate what’s in your mind through your fingers onto a computer screen using an app.

I am known as Desouza of Vegas and I invite you to visit DigitalMaleArt.com to take a quick tour of my creative efforts. If you love Amazon Kindle as much as I do, then I’m sure you’ll want to know about my exclusive Amazon Kindle releases. https://www.amazon.com/Madeira-Desouza/e/B008HL3B3C