“OHMYGOD, YOU’RE SO PRETTY!” “HOW DO YOU WALK IN THOSE?” “CAN I TOUCH YOUR HAIR?” Those are three things I hear from strangers every time I go out.

That’s the introduction from Willam Belli’s new book, Suck Less.

QVegas: You have been very great at marketing yourself and staying relevant, did you have a background in marketing?

I used to suck dick behind an Acme supermarket in Philly from 16-18. So that’s technically a past in a market.

QVegas: What style of drag would you classify yourself?

Luxe Clown Whore

QVegas: In what ways did RPDR change your life?

RDR made more people say my name right and taught me to not worship false idols.

QVegas: How do people treat you after being famous?

Kindness is free. I treat people how I wanna be treated. And sure , you may say, “you host a show called BEATDOWN on which you’re a bully” but I only tell assholes that are misguided the T. If I was acting like a tool like most of the people on my show, I would want someone to tell me, too.

QVegas: What is your best advice to the LGBTQ and drag community?

Suck Less (and volunteer- nothing feels better than giving back other than tax write-offs for your time)

QVegas: Tell us more about Suck Less. Where can we get it and why does everyone need it?

You can purchase SUCK LESS wherever books or spank bank material is sold. Amazon is easy.

QVegas: How did you come up with the idea for your popular web series, The Beatdown, and what does the new season have in store?

It’s a Mystery Science Theater rip-off. I was over all these dumb tutorials where people talk in fake voices behind a ring light.

QVegas: Who do you admire the most in life and why?

Chris Hardwick, the creator of Nerdist. He created something outta nothing and is a fuckin juggernaut who does it all. Pop culture, musically inclined comedy, business.

QVegas: What are your future goals? What’s next for you and your career?

I don’t make plans til I see the coin. I can tell you that I’m looking forward to appearing opposite Guy Pearce in ABC’s When We Rise, a miniseries on LGBT life in SF coming this spring from Lance Black and Gus Van Sant.

QVegas: What is the main goal you hope to accomplish with your fans?

I wanna make people happy or horny.

QVegas: What really happened on the famous episode of RPDR when you left the show?

Read the book. There’s a quiz with lots of answers and many (or all) might be true including that one where a producer fucked me in a bathroom stall the last day of production.

Suck Less has been the #1 self-help book on Amazon for over a week. Below are links where you can purchase:

Amazon (Kindle/Paperback/Audible)

Barnes & Noble (NOOK Book/Paperback)