Horoscopes Are A Drag™

Honey, "Horoscopes Are A Drag" on QVegas is your go-to for that sparkle of cosmic tea, served hot and fabulous, straight from the stars with a glittering twist. Each week, we're spilling the celestial secrets for every zodiac sign, so you can strut your stuff with the stars aligning just right. It's astrology with sass, glam, and a dash of drag magic, making your cosmic journey as dazzling as a drag queen's wardrobe. For your weekly dose of star-studded advice, click your heels and head over every week, darling!


Alright, hunty, let's get into it for my fierce Aries queens and kings out there! This week, starting May 19, 2024, is about to serve you some realness, so you better be ready to sashay away any negativity. The stars are basically throwing a kiki in your sign, which means it’s time to slay, okurrr? Channel that inner diva, embrace the drama, and remember, darling, you're not just participating in life’s runway, you are dominating it. Confidence is your best accessory; wear it like a crown and werk it out in every aspect of your life. And remember, shade might be thrown your way, but you're equipped with the sass to clap back and keep strutting. So, cinch that waist, adjust that crown, and let the world be your runway!


Darling, let me spill the celestial tea for you. This week, starting May 19, 2024, all you fabulous Taurus babes are in for a real treat! The universe is channeling its fierce energy straight into your life. Expect to be showered with love, honey! Relationships? They're about to get as spicy and hot as a summer runway. At work, you're set to slay, serving pure excellence and snatching wigs with your achievements. But remember, queen, balance is key. Don't overdo it – we want no burnouts, only turnouts. Pamper yourself, stay glamorous, and embrace every moment with confidence. Let your inner diva shine brightly because this week, you're not just walking the walk; you're owning the whole darn catwalk!


Honey, let me spill the cosmic tea for you, Gemini babes! This week, starting May 19, 2024, is all about strutting into your fabulousity with those glittery heels on. The stars are basically your personal runway coaches, telling you to sashay away from that negative energy and werk that confidence, darling! It’s time to snap those fingers, flip that wig, and show the universe who's the real queen. Remember, it’s not just about facing the music, it’s about dancing to it in your fiercest outfit. So, go ahead, mesmerize them with that charm, and let the world be your stage! Can I get an "Amen" up in here?


Honey, listen up, because the stars are spilling the tea about you, darling Cancerians, for the week of May 19, 2024, and it’s scalding! The universe is throwing some cosmic shade, forcing you to sashay away from the drama and into the spotlight where you belong. It’s time to lip-sync for your life, serving realness in every aspect of your existence. Relationships? Snatched. Career? On point. Just remember, queens, when those haters doubt your sparkle, throw on your highest heels, fluff that wig, and strut your fabulous self down the runway of life. The world is your stage, and it’s time to perform like the diva you were born to be. Let's get sickening!


Oh, honey, let me spill the celestial tea for y'all fierce Leos out there! This week, starting on May 19th, 2024, the universe is practically throwing a spotlight on your fabulous selves, so strut your stuff like the runway is yours, baby! It's all about embracing that inner diva, as opportunities to shine brighter than a disco ball at Studio 54 are coming your way. Show off your talents, be bold, and don't let nobody dull your sparkle, darling, because this week, it's all eyes on you. Remember, it's not just about looking good; it's about feeling good. So, let your mane down and werk it like the royalty you are! And as always, keep on shining, you beautiful creatures. Mwah!


Alright, hunty, listen up, 'cause Mama's got the celestial tea to spill for Virgo this week, yes gawd! So, babes, it’s time to strut into the spotlight and show the universe what you're made of! The stars are aligned and they are screaming "Yaaas, queen!" to all your endeavors. You better work on those projects, 'cause they're about to pop off and serve realness, darling! And in love? Honey, it's time to sashay away from those time-wasters. You're a fierce superstar, so only allow those who worship at the altar of your fabulousness into that VIP heart of yours. Remember, self-love is your mantra, so moisturize, meditate, and multiply those positive vibes. Now, go forth and slay, my Virgo queens and kings!


Honey, let me spill the celestial tea for you. As we strut into the week of May 19th, 2024, all you fabulous Libras, get ready to sparkle brighter than a disco ball. The universe is about to serve you some cosmic couture, darling. Love and passion are strutting your runway, so pucker up those lips and get ready for some smooching. Money wise, you're about to slay, honey - but remember, don't go blowing your coins on every shiny thing that catches your eye. Stay fierce, stay fabulous, and let the stars guide your glamorous self through the week. Werk it, Libra!


Alright, honey, gather 'round, 'cause it's Scorpio season, and Mama’s got the tea for ya! This week, starting May 19, 2024, you fierce Scorpios are about to sashay into a whirlwind of cosmic vibes. The stars are serving realness, and they’re telling me it’s your moment to sparkle brighter than a sequin gown under the spotlight. You've got challenges strutting your way, but remember, darling, what doesn't kill you gives you more material for your fabulous one-person show. Love is looking like a sickening plot twist, so keep those lashes curled and your heart open. Money-wise, it's time to be as savvy as a queen with a limited rhinestone budget. Save that coin, because you never know when you'll need to splurge on a new pair of killer heels. So, snap your fans and prepare to own the week like the superstar you are! Werk it, because no one does it quite like a Scorpio!


Honey, gather 'round 'cause Mama's about to spill the tea on all you fabulous Sagittariuses for the week of May 19, 2024. Let me tell you, the stars are practically doing the splits and death-drops just to get your attention! It's gonna be a week where you're shining brighter than my sequin dress under the spotlight, darling. Get ready to strut into every room like it's your personal runway because opportunities and admirers are gonna be gagging for your presence. So, pouf that hair, gloss those lips, and don't be afraid to throw a little shade if necessary, 'cause it's your time to sashay into success, honey! Yes, God!


Honey, gather 'round because Mama’s about to spill the cosmic tea for all you Capricorn darlings out there for the week of May 19, 2024. First things first, you're about to shine brighter than my sequined gown at a midnight show, alright? The stars are aligning to give you a standing ovation, so strut into that spotlight with all the confidence of a queen owning the runway. But remember, sweetness, balance is key - don't let all that applause go to your head, or you'll trip over your own stilettos. Keep it real and serve that Capricorn excellence with a side of humility, and you'll be snatching wigs and hearts all week long. Werk it, because this week, you're not just part of the royal court, you're ruling it!


Hey, darling Aquarius, buckle up, 'cause the week of May 19th, 2024, is gonna be a sparkling rollercoaster ride, hunty! The universe is throwing a glitter bomb your way, sprinkling some extra flair in your daily strut. You'll be serving some major cosmic realness, so channel that uniqueness and slay the game. Remember, honey, when life throws shade, you throw sequins! It's all about embracing that fierce energy and living your truth. Now, sashay away into the week and show 'em what you've got, OKRRRR?!


Alright, darlings, let’s spill the celestial tea for all you fabulous Pisces fish out there for the week of May 19, 2024. Honey, the universe is serving you a cosmic cocktail of opportunities and challenges, so you better werk! Expect to strut your stuff down the runway of life, turning heads with your creative flair. But, don’t let the shade from those jealous types throw you off your game, okay? Keep it classy, keep it sassy, and most importantly, keep it real. Remember, you're a superstar, so let that inner light shine bright and dazzle them all. Mwah!