ClexaCon and Wonder Woman

by ClexaCon Staff
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Caitlin Dechelle, one of the incredible women behind Wonder Woman, will be at ClexaCon 2018! You might not know this, but Caitlin performed most of the incredible stunts for Gal Gadot in the recent blockbuster hit Wonder Woman.

Next April, Dechelle, will be a featured guest at ClexaCon - a media and entertainment convention for LGBTQ women and allies. Join thousands of attendees from around the world to hear about Caitlin’s experience playing one of the most iconic bisexual characters of all time. There will even be opportunities to get photos with her!

It was Caitlin’s martial arts background that led her to enter the world of film as a stunt woman. “I wanted to continue doing what I loved on a larger platform such as the entertainment industry. Like any job, there are pros and cons. Working in the entertainment industry, there are very long hours. And of course, after a full day of fighting and getting beat up, you may think twice but honestly, I love what I do.

“Everyone's path is different and I think that is what makes the business so unique. I mainly specialize in fights considering I am a martial artist. But there are many routes into the stunt world. Some come from a gymnastics/parkour background and others from a driving or horseback riding background.”

On whether she has faced any challenges as a woman in a profession which traditionally glorifies her male counterparts, Dechelle says, “Actually not many, no! Male stunt performers normally praise us women because we do what they do, but with little to no pads because normally our wardrobe is minimal compared to them. For example, the Wonder Woman suit!”

“My favorite from that film was the shield slide in the Veld room fighting the Germans. All of my fights and wire gags in Wonder Woman were so much fun!” -Caitlin Dechelle

Halloween brings in the usual costumes like Superman, Supergirl, and the Hulk, this year we saw a huge number of children and adults alike dressed as our current favorite character, Wonder Woman! As for Caitlin, after performing stunts for such an iconic character on our big screens, who would be her dream character to cosplay? “I would say Catwoman, considering my nickname is Cat.”

No matter which character you cosplay as this Halloween, we encourage you to suit up, literally or figuratively and embrace the message behind the heroes we idolize. Let’s all step up. We have waited long enough for our heroes to burst from the pages of comics and through the screens of theaters to save us. We need the strength of character and conviction of our superheroes to make life better for ourselves and those around us. As Caitlin says, “Never give up on your dreams and do what you love!”

ClexaCon takes place April 6-8, 2018 at the Tropicana Las Vegas. For more information visit